Daga is inspired by fragments of history and mystery of archaeological remains.

Meaning good luck charm, Daga is the eponymous jewelry line of artist and designer Ayse DAGA. 

Her work draws reference from her Anatolian ancestry. Due to being in the center of the silk and spice trade, the region of Anatolia has blended different cultural influences, which resulted in Anatolian jewelers utilizing different methods, techniques, and materials in the early history.

Hittites’ who arrived in Anatolia via the Caucasus were the ones forging and shaping the copper to produce hair ornaments, brooches and amulets, whereas Hellenic women opted for large, flashy and precious stones to wear.

Inspired and driven by this rich civilizational diversity, DAGA connects dots of eclectic history through the use of mythology and symbolism and offers uniquely and personally designed jewelry, meticulously handcrafted in none other than the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, which used to be the capital city of Byzantine Empire. Founded by artist and designer Ayse DAGA in 2021, Daga approaches jewelry as objects of power that bring people together by the universal language of jewelry, seeking to capture the spirit of ancient civilizations.